HKB “CAP Diploma festival 2021”

June, 2021

“Name Ilmārs sounds like - [La] Mer (French); Il Mare (Italian); El Mar (Catalan) - The Sea

City Biel, Switzerland.

Performance artist from Rome, Italy

Pakt-Bern “music-go-round#1”

February, 2020

“Through the simultaneity of the sound created by the movement of textiles and the voice, which not only imitates it but also comments on it, underscores or covers it up, we perceive a fusion as well as a contradiction. This changing perception reflects in a beautiful artistic way our complex and controversial relationship to materials that accompanies us through our lives.”

City Bern, Switzerland.

Mail from Swiss composer Noel Schmidlin (1992*)

St. Gallen Museum Nacht

7th of September,2019

A professional singer and jazz musician from Riga. With almost no equipment he works with his voice, his body and his presence in the room. No electronics are needed for his wondrous "Wolf Piece" which he'll perform this Saturday. 


site to review

Written by Mirko Kircher

Research LAB

October, 2019

tern, you are born of the stars"

Said by Benjamin Sunarjo

Open Opera Stadl

29th of July, 2019

`...Ihm folgte eine großartige Tanz-Performance von Ilmars Sterns, von dem geöffneten Scheunentor – eine wirkungsvolle Optik...`

News paper of city Stadt, Austria.

Written by Hans Höbenreich