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Perf. N° 001/2006 

Perf. N° 001/2005 

Perf. N° 001/2004 


Building two meters wide cloth from recommended distance between people

Piece for playing textile in two-meter distance

piece for experimental voice, gestures and grey curtains

soundscape piece in tropical rainforest

piece for experimental voice and favorite shirt 

piece for clothes and experimental voice 

water concept for 4 experimental voices

piece for finger camera and two Performers

piece for Performer and his clothes (`Between clothes`)

pieces for 6 experimental voice performers

improvisation concept for 5 experimental voice performers and their books

concept for three performers

piece for two performers and mirror

choreography for two performers and 24 chairs (`Sit Up Straight! `)

piece for experimental voice and water

Copy Shop experiment

watercolor drawing `Tired to be flat? Move away from the table!`

improvisation concept for 6 experimental music musicians

happening for performer and violin bow

concert for three performers (`EIM`)

piece for performer with double bass bow, contact mic and piano chair (`Music Skin`)

postcards `Mr. Adam and Eve`

Fluxus piece for two performers (`Stern_Act_III`)

pieces for sound performers and paper (`Paper Club`)

tea design `Klunk Klunk`

piece for voice and gestures (`Stern_Act_II`)

sound photography

piece for three sound performers (`Stern_Act_I`)

scenography for art exhibition

black block note with water colour paintings

wooden earring series

oil painting (`Škunis`)

videography Installation (`Nu re`)

oil painting series (`Hand Action`)

sound installation (`CODE`)

oil painting self-portrait

scenography model (`Tilts`)

scenography model (`Nāves enā`)

sound improvisations for voice, cello and piano (`Strings`)

Christmas pieces for voice, saxophone and piano (`Christmas Music`)

comic book `Romeo and Juliet`

oil painting series (`Scratch`)

Scenography model (`Cilvēku cikls`)

photography’s on match boxes (`Passing By`)

pieces for voice and clarinet

photography’s with photo camera Zenit (`Paskaties uz mani`)

song for voice and guitar (`tev klāt`)

pieces for voice and accompaniment (`KALNUP`)

piece for voice and accompaniment (`Māsin, nāc runā ar mani`)

water colour painting series

compositions for classic/world music ensemble (VOI `Tautas dziesmas`)

written poetry​ `Moon Batteries`

piece for classic/world music ensemble (`It Feels Like`)

piece for voice and electronics (` Heaven`)

pieces for voice and guitar (` Human Nature`)

piece for voice and brass orchestra (`I’ll Be Good`)

piece for voice and accompaniment (`Clock In The Sky`)

piece for voice and accompaniment (`She and He `)

compositions and poems for classical/world music ensemble (`365 Days`)

compositions for classical/world music ensemble (`Calendar Arias`)

pieces for world music ensemble (`Sketch for a new page`)

pieces for Jazz/pop ensemble (`The Quinters `)

piece for solo voice and contemporary dancer (`Traffic in the Street `)

piece for voice and synthases piano (`My Number 123`)

piece for voice and electronics ​(`Summer in the city`)

piece for voice and electronics (`OK`)

pieces for electronic ensemble (`Because you around me`)

composition for cello and piano (`Train`)

composition for cello and kokle (`čeko`)

composition for orchestra (`Rītausma`)


PERF. No 000/0000 

Title System


Author developed title system describes everything what he creates in one systematic model. In this title system, the title is the address for his work and identifies each single exemplar of item what is created. It required careful information gathering to come up with a system that creates a convenient structure overview. The title is not directly related to the content unless the composition has a subtitle. Under the impression of a title, the content receiver is free to interpret the work the moment receiver encounters the beginning - first line or phrase of artwork. Part of the title point to specific sound instrument or object so that it can communicate with the performer.