Workshops / Lectures / Masterclasses

Ilmārs is an educator giving lessons and 

leading lecture-performance-workshops.

"Sit up straight!"

Choreography workshop for children with Melanie Gobet (CH) and Ilmārs Šterns

2019, 24 chairs, 40`


Finding different ways how to interact with chairs and how to work together with others, building pyramids of chairs.


Image: 2019, La Fête de la Danse, Freiburg, Switzerland. 2019 Choreography Lab for Yung audience by RESO, Montey, Switzerland

“The imitation of sound in experimental voice and composition”


Materials: clothes, 60` 


Image: 2020, Pakt-Bern “music-go-round#1”, Bern, Switzerland

"Soundscape of clothes"

Lecture - workshop

Materials: Clothes, 60` 


Image: The City of Yaoundé in the third edition of the Cameroon International Festival of Performance Art in Yaoundé and in the university city of Soa. The theme of this third edition of "Perform'Action Live Art" is "Art and Ecology": Performance Art against Pollution". Yaoundé and Soa, Cameroon.

Human breathing

Vocal breathing technique workshop

Human voice, 40`


ImageRESO choreography LAB




2021 Guest artist of Kostümbild seminar “Clothing in The Moving Image” the function of clothing/costume, 

lead by professor Lisa Meier (DE)

at Universität der Künste, Berlin, Germany.


2020 Artist talk “Intimate Space”, Toolbox “Urban Nights” 

lead by Andrea Gohl (CH) and Lisa Meier (DE) 

at Hochschule der Künste Bern. Bern, Switzerland.


2020 Research “Title Indexation & Graphic Scores” 

in discussion with Florian Feigl (DE),

at EQUINOX, PROGR, Bern, Switzerland.


2020 Lecture-Performance “The imitation of sound in experimental voice and composition”,

Pakt-Bern “music-go-round#1”. Bern, Switzerland.


2019 Choreography workshop "Sit Up Straight!" for Yung audience by RESO.

Support by Pro Helvetia, Brig, Switzerland.

2019 Lecture-workshop “Soundscape Ecology” for young musicians,

Cameroon International Festival of Performance Art. Yaoundé and Soa, Cameroon.


2015 Leading the teachers’ professional qualification development courses

“Performance Skills of Contemporary Music for Singers”,

Ventspils College of Music. Ventspils, Latvia.


2013/2014 Rapporteur “Performance Skills of Contemporary Music for Singers”,

International Young Scientist Conference,

Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy. Riga, Latvia.

Publication: “Performance Skills of Contemporary Music for Singers”.

9th International Young Scientist Conference 2014. Riga, Latvia. RPIVA 2014