Voice & Music Theory Lessons

Pop/Jazz and Experimental music

Already more than 12 years I am voice teacher for singers in the field of jazz, r&b, pop and experimental music.

I am interested in research of different sounds and use of human voice. This is something that simply vibrates with me and my students. 


I am working with different aspects of voice and sound, such as, 

vocal preparation, music interpretation, performative skills, improvisation, songwriting, experimental sounds.

Also increasing confidence and presentation skills. And all this through healthy and comfortable way. 

In my professional work experience I worked as Contemporary Singing Teacher at 

Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy for future Jazz and Pop Music Singing Teachers (2015 - 2017)

and Ventspils College of Music (2013 – 2015) in Latvia.

Lessons for all level.

Please contact me for any further questions by mailbox: sterns.ilmars@gmail.com

Profesional Master`s Degree Diplomas

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International Prize, first place. 

Baltic Acoustic Music Festival “Silver Gull”, Liepupe, Latvia. 2016.


The appreciation acknowledgment for leading teachers, professional qualification development course 

“Performance Skills of Contemporary Music for Singers”.

Ventspils College of Music. Ventspils, Latvia. 2015.

The appreciation acknowledgment for an investment in teaching the new generation of jazz musicians in Latvia.

Latvian National Centre of Culture. Riga, Latvia. 2014.

Rapporteur International Young Scientist
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Elisabetta Cuccaro (Contemporary Artist), 

Johanna Schwarzl (solo flute at Berner Symphonieorchester)

Laura Rubīna (Singing Teacher and Performer),

Sallija Taučus (Singer),

Roberts Pētersons (Singer-songwriter),

Edvards Grieze (Singer-songwriter),

Sanija Pastare (Singer/teacher),

Undīne Rolava (Jazz Vocal),

Edīte Štrausa (Jazz Vocal),

Amanda Maržecka (Pop Vocal),

Elza Patrīcija Parisa (Singer-songwriter),

Krista Goberga (Pop vocal),

Kristīne Treija,

Luīze Reuta,

Patrīcija Anna Doniņa,

Maija Ušča,

Santa Zeltiņa,

Oļesja Kurakina (Singer),

Zane Grunska (Singer-songwriter),

Līga Vanaga,

Tessa Huber,

Anete Skrastiņa,

Antra Ločmele (teacher),

Ronalds Breikšs (Scream vocal),

Arta Zariņa (singer-songwriter), 

Mažena Leškoviča (pop vocal),

Inese Lipska (Singer),

Kristīne Paegle,

Rūta Olava,

Elza Elīzabete Ždanova (Musical Theatre),

Elīna Biseniece (Comedian),

Reinis Jaunais (Guitarist-songwriter),

Lauma Kazaka (Composer, poet),

Ernests Rieksts,

Andris Veselovskis (Psycholog),

Inga Rēze,

Andris Lapsa,

Māris Šantars,

Rūta Ķergalve (Singer-songwriter),

Paula Dukure (Singer),

Justs Sirmais (Singer-songwriter, Eurovision 2016),

Ilze Skarbule (Singer),

Anna Zankovska (Singer-songwriter),

Viktorija Pimenova (Singer),

Alise Cimbaļuka (Singer),

Emma Safronova (Singer),

Karīna Slišāne (Jazz/pop singer-songwriter), 

Patrīcija Grundšteina,

Aivars Bruno Salna (Singer),

Elīzabete Zagorska,

Elvis Elmans,

Lolita Krūmiņa (Singing teacher), 

Samanta Kabakova,

Artūrs Pūpols (Singer), 

Elza Kanceviča,


Music Theory Students 


Kristiana Gavare,

Zane Grunska,

Oļesja Kurakina,

Ilze R.,

Edgars Mucenieks,

Madara Guļāne,

Inese Lipska,

Ilze Poikane,

Normans Bārbals,

Andris Lapsa



Elisabetta Cuccaro: I started to take singing lessons with Ilmars because I wanted to understand better how to use my voice and I am finding it!! Every lesson has a great energy. Ilmārs has an highly accurate preparation, accompanied by positivity and passion! The student feels the adventurous joy of an endless journey!

Kristaps Priede: I reccomend to develop your singing skills in guidance of Ilmārs. Great attitude, creativity and musical adventures guaranteed.

Maija BernadeteIncredible singing classes, positive vibes, great effort and a lot of joy.

Lauma KazakaAmazing! Ilmars, thank you so much. After just a couple of lessons I have learned so much about my voice. You've helped me to grow in singing technique, feeling the song and self-confidence. <3

Maija JanaHi, Ilmars is wonderful teacher, with sense of humor, knowledge about music, and big experience...... good job :) Thanks, can.t wait when you`ll be back in LV... I need my singing lessons :)

Reinis YoungThe dude is great! Very good teacher. Teaches singing techniques very well, and is super relaxed! Highly recommended!