PERF. No 007/2018 Piece for experimental voice and water

Composition by Ilmārs Šterns

Subtitle “Wolf Piece”

Act: Solo performance

Duration: 10 minutes


Project: The research of the oscillation changes back and forth between two characteristic states – i.e. the human and the wolf. The performer explores the similarities and differences between human and wolf sounds and their borders or edges, what evoke the imagination in the human mind with an unusual and colourful noise palette. For example, overtone singing which roots are found in the Mongolian region, has been used for centuries in rituals, entertainments or hunting, imitating nature or animal sounds. In this piece, for example, the `roar` of the wolf and the `cough` of the human together make a noisy, mosaic-like sound that confuses the audience`s ears. Or interesting moment when a performer is licking water from a glass like a dog. There is no clear statement saying if I am I a dog or a human.


Materials: human and wolf sounds, wine glass, bottle with water and two sheet stands.