BIOGRAPHY (resume)

Ilmārs Šterns (*1989, Riga) is a Sound Performance Artist and the Voice teacher. He lives and works in Bern, Switzerland. He received his BFA/MFA from the Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy and MFA from the Art Academy of Latvia (Riga), his latest MFA from Bern University of the Arts (Switzerland). Recent projects include in 2020 GEDOK-Forum Gallery, “Sound and Ecology”, audio-visual soundscape installation at Karlsruhe, Germany, Lecture-Performance “The imitation of sound in experimental voice and composition”, Pakt-Bern “music-go-round#1”, Switzerland, in 2019 performing and giving lecture and workshop for young musicians from the City of Yaoundé at Cameroon International Festival of Performance Art, supported by Pro Helvetia, and La Fête de la Danse, collaboration performance with Melanie Gobet “The Big Wind Blow”,  Freiburg, Switzerland. 


"I am interested in the diversity of my voice and body gestures, which I use within objects of daily life and non-human sounds in my artistic practice. My work includes performative, sound and visual art aspects. Result of “Sound Performances” combines my previous experience with jazz singing, stage design and studies in contemporary arts practice. By discovering how to understand more deeply the things around us and also how they affect us, I create relationships within the environment by breaking through all boundaries and hierarchies. These mysterious relationships are transformed by stimuli and reactions into something that did not exist before. What appeals to me as a composer in this process is that I am constantly confronted with a chaos of noises and unusual activities where I have to find an artistic framework to make my statement. My sound performances appear as serious work and research on human existential questions, always complemented by a surrealistic and hilarious humour."


Since performances involve movement and sound, a detailed and creative documentation process is required, which is implemented either in concepts or graphic scores. The author emphasizes his notation as the most important thing in his work to create a structure of performances. He developed a title indexation that describes everything that he creates in one standardised model.


In summer 2019 Ilmārs spend time in residency at Griessner Stadl in Stadl An Der Mur, Steiermark, Austria. In 2016 he win the first place in the Baltic Acoustic festival ‘Silver Gull`. In the 2014 he receive “The appreciation acknowledgment for an investment in teaching the new generation of jazz musicians in Latvia“ from Latvian National Center of Culture. Šterns is a member of PANCH (Performance Art Network CH) and Latvian art society "Sidegunde". He is an educator giving lessons and leading lecture-performance-workshops. He is currently working as Catalogue Support Consultant at Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz and leading and developing project inside of “HKB geht an Land” in city Interlaken, Switzerland.